St James The Apostle Anglican Church, Port Lambton

Sunday service at 9:15 am

A Message To Members of St James the Apostle Anglican Church

Blessings to all!

The closing of our church building, and in-person service and programs continues due to COVID-19.

However, this does not mean that we as a church family are not open and continuing to bless our community.

We have on-line Zoom church services at 10 am on Sunday mornings. In addition, we have on-line Zoom bible studies at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings. Please contact Sheldon Parsons if you wish to join. Email address:, or by phone (519)359-1969

If you need anything, you can still call the church office for assistance.

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The cornerstone for St. James the Apostle was laid in 1913 and on May 13, 1914 the church was
dedicated by The Rt. Rev. David Williams, Bishop of Huron.

Historic Events

1912 - Mrs. Waddell and Mrs. Charlton walked down from Sombra to take a survey to see if Port Lambton could support a churc

1912 - First Rector Rev. J. White in charge of Sombra, Becher, and Port Lambton

1913 - Services were held above White Rose Station

1923 - St. James The Apostle was consecrated

Before and during the war a Church School was held jointly with the United Church 

1945 to 1947 - Successful A.Y.P.A. held jointly with Sombra under Rev. A. H. Marshall, which collapsed and was reorganized in 1954.

1949 to 1950 - A Bible class was help for older pupils under U.S. Curry

1950 - A nursery school was held during services

1953 - Rectory purchased

1954 - 40th Anniversary - banquet held with Dr. W. I. Coleman as speaker

1956 - Organ dedicated

1956 - Bishop Luxton confirmed 17 believers

1956 - 100 attended the Guide pancake supper

1962 - The Rectory mortgage was paid off

1964 - New Rectory built - Rev. W. D. Craven was the first rector to occupy it

1975 - A Rectory mortgage burning ceremony was held on the church lawn

1977 - The interior of the church was redecorated

1981 - Alterations to the basement - also, washrooms were installed

1984 - The Church basement Sunday school rooms were upgraded

1991 - The small rectory (17 Broadway St.) was repaired and redecorated for the use of assistant Priest Rev. Erwin Oliver

1993 - St. James, Port Lambton and Holy Trinity became separate parishes

1994 - 80th Anniversary with the Rt. Rev. Jack Peck, Bishop of St. Clair as celebrant

1995 - Confirmation with Bishop Peck and Rev. Oliver

1996 - Joined Port Lambton parish with Wallaceburg with Rev. P. Linklater

1996 - Adpoted child from Haiti - Mi Athie - age 3

1997 - Wilson Hayter, lay reader, assisting with services

1997- A Sunday school and youth group were started by Sally Hayter

1998 - The Archbishop authorized Wilson Hayter to administer Sacraments to elderly and shu-in parishioners

1999 - New organ purchased

2003 - Parish exchange visit - service with parishioners of Florence followed by a river cruise on the Hammond Bay

2006 - Became part of a 2 point parish with Wallaceburg

2008 - Sale of Rectory (476 Broadway St.) finalized

2009 - Sale of former Rectory (478 Broadway St.) finalized

2009 - 95th Anniversary service with Rev. Wm. Craven as celebrant

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